Membership and Benefits

Benefits of Membership

  1. Improved CV and enhanced professionalism in biosciences, especially in the field of underutilized legume research, teaching, training, cultivation and conservation.
  2. Access to professional registers and meeting with members on a national and global scale. This also affords the opportunity for collaboration with associated institutions
  3. Discounted rates for training and conferences
  4. e-newsletters as the need arises
  5. Discounted publication charges in SUL Journal
  6. Invitations to events and regional activities
  7. Access to research and travel grants sponsored by the society whenever the need arises
  8. Career support and advise
  9. Opportunities to engage with policy and government legislation

Categories of membership

Membership of the Institute shall consist of the following five categories: Honorary
Fellows, Fellows, members, Associate Members, and Student affiliates.

Special Provisions for Members

  1. Only fellows, members and associate members in worthy standing shall have the right to vote on matters pertaining to the Society.
  2. Honorary Fellows, Fellows, Full members and Associate Members shall be entitled to the exclusive use of the following abbreviations: F.SULeg, F.SULeg, M.SULeg and A.SULeg respectively. Student Members shall not be designated by abbreviations.
  3. The Board of Trustee /Executive committee will have authority to review and determine the eligibility of all applicants or nominees for membership in the various classes defined in this Article.
  4. No individual shall be denied membership on the basis of race, national origin, sex, disability, marital status.

Membership Definitions and entry requirements


The Executive Council shall have the power to elect Fellow Members as Honorary Fellows in acknowledgement of exceptional contributions to research and development of underutilized legumes or of services to the society. Honorary Fellows shall enjoy such privileges as may from time to time be determined by the Executive Council and shall not be liable to pay entrance fee or subscription.


The Executive Council shall have power to elect Fellows of the Society.

A candidate for the Fellowship shall be proposed and recommended by at least three full Members of the Society of whom at least one must be a Fellow of the Society.

A candidate must be a Member of the Society and have such qualifications as are necessary to obtain Membership, and must have at least 5 years’ experience of responsible work in underutilized legume research or in the teaching or application of underutilized legumes


Membership is open to anyone who must possess at least a basic degree, HND from a Nigerian-accredited tertiary Institution recognized by the Executive Council. Such applicant must also have at least 2 years post-qualification research and development experience in underutilized legumes. Alternatively, An applicant who has a Polytechnic Diploma or equivalent and at least four (4) years’ experience in such responsible work in underutilized legumes, or its application, or has produced evidence such as published papers, to satisfy Executive Council that he/she has adequate experience and has contributed to the advancement of the study of underutilized legumes can be eligible for full membership application. An applicant that fulfils the requirements of Associate membership and spends 2 additional active years in the society, having attended the annual conference is also eligible for full membership.


This membership cadre is open to applicants with a Polytechnic Diploma or equivalent and at least four a year experience in such responsible work in underutilized legumes, or its application. This also is open to applicants without a degree or Diploma but with proven years of experience in such responsible work in underutilized legumes or its application.


This is open to full-time undergraduate or polytechnic students of NUC-recognized University or polytechnic with a bias in biosciences. Such would-be affiliate must show evidence of contributions to knowledge in underutilized legumes

  1. Applicants shall collect and complete an application form with appropriate payment made as may be decided by Exco.
  2. The applicant shall provide two referees who shall be respected individuals in academics or research or full members of the Society.
  3. Membership form shall be obtainable from the secretariat of the society upon the payment of the prescribed fee.
  4. Applicants are expected to provide the following information in the application form; Full Name, Full contact Address (including e-mail, Post office box, telephone etc.), Place of work, Profession and Qualification, Age and 2 passport size photograph, Affiliation with other professional bodies, Type of membership, Research interest.

Conditions for Membership

Membership of the society shall be opened to every individual in academic or research who:

  1. Accepts, believes and is ready to abide by the principles, rules and regulations guiding the society.
  2. Has past or on-going active research in any area of under-utilized tropical legumes
  3. Has a sustainable means of income.
  4. Is a graduate student working on any underutilized legume
  5. Is God fearing, dependable with good character.
  6. Is ready to fully cooperate with the leadership of the organization
  7. Is a registered and accredited member with annual payment of dues
  8. Is ready to work in line with the aims and objective of the society.
  9. Full membership of the society shall be open to anyone who is a graduate/post graduate student or a graduate demonstrator or a holder of a higher degree in basic and applied sciences.

Conduct of Members

  • All members of the Society are required to order their conduct so as to uphold the dignity, standing and reputation of the Society. The Council may make, amend or rescind Rules to be observed by members with regard to their conduct in professional matters relevant to their position as members of the Society.
  • If a member is convicted of any felony or criminal offence or act in a manner which renders him unfit to be a member, the Council shall have the right to remove his name from the Register thus expelling him/her from the Society.
  • Further to the provisions of Article IX, and as a matter of responsibility, every member, irrespective of membership affiliations, are expected to;
  1. Pay their dues and levies as at when due
  2. Work towards achieving the aims and objectives of the society
  3. Obey the rules and regulation governing the Society
  4. Have respect for the leadership of the society
  5. Show total commitment to the progress of the society
  6. Attend the Annual General Meeting in person or proxy
  7. Participate in any other activities as may be deemed necessary by the general body or Executive committee, from time to time.
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