Storage life of African yam bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa, Hochst. ex. a Rich) seeds as affected by storage containers

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  • July 3, 2019
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Seed longevity of crop can be affected by storage devices and there is a knowledge gap in this aspect for African Yam Bean (AYB). An experiment was conducted to determine the storage life of African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa) seeds stored under different storage containers at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria in 2014 using Completely Randomized Design in three replications in the laboratory. The effect of six storage containers (glass bottles, plastic bottles, earthen pot, polyethylene bag, galvanized tin and paper envelope (control) was determined on seed physiological quality and longevity of 10 AYB genotypes stored for 12 months under ambient conditions (30.0°C, 75.23% Relative Humidity). Data collected were subjected to analysis of variance. Mean separation was carried out by Duncan’s Multiple Range Test and PROBIT analysis of seed longevity data. On storability performance, seed viability was high in all storage containers except paper envelope. The AYB seeds stored for up to ten months under ambient conditions inside air-tight plastic bottle containers and retained viability of 75 %. Seed of the genotypes TSs86, TSs50, TSs331, TSs83 and TSs311 seeds were superior in storability in all storage containers except paper envelope. The PROBIT modelling estimated significantly (p<0.05) higher storage life of 20 months in seeds of TSs48, TSs83, TSs209, TSs331, TSs349 and TSs370 stored in plastic and polyethylene containers.

Keywords: Storage life, physiological quality, probit modelling, storability and seedling vigour index