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Aim of the Society

The aim of this organization is to encourage and to promote the growth and development of opportunities to researchers, entrepreneurs and organizations (universities, research institutes and donor agencies) for the dissemination research outputs aimed at improving the economics, utilization, conservation and general crop development of underutilized legumes in the African continent and the world at large.

Mission Statement of the Society

To aggregate a community of reliable and committed researchers in Africa (and the world at large) involved in basic and applied research on the conservation, utilization and other component of research of underutilized legumes genetic resources.

Objectives of the Society

The objectives of the organization are;

  1. To promote the advancement of research and development of underutilized legumes and its applications.
  2. To develop and maintain the unique body of knowledge characteristic to research, development, utilization and economics of underutilized legumes
  3. To promote policies and procedures which assure the wise use of underutilized legumes and allied materials
  4. To encourage high standards for professional performance of underutilized legume scientists and technologists and act as the professional organization for individuals who meet these standards
  5. To secure and distribute research grants in line with the mission statement.
  6. To provide expertise guidance and advice to members of the public and corporate organizations on the utilization of the underutilized legumes
  7. To engage in national and continental exploration of the genetic resources of the underutilized legumes.
  8. To stimulate the interest of African governments, NGOs, national and international agricultural organizations to promote research and utilization of the underutilized legumes.
  9. To engage in collaborative research with national and international agricultural institutes
  10. To carry out other functions that will enhance and promote the mission statement of the society.
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Correspondence: Genetic Resources Center, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan,

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