2nd SUL Conference 2018

2nd Annual Conference and Stakeholders Forum on Underutilized Legumes

Excellencies, and Stakeholders (distinguished delegates, researchers, farmers, government, civil society, community leaders ladies and gentlemen), and all of our guests, welcome to the serene and inspiring Covenant University, a willing participant and contributor to pragmatic community remodelling for progressive and productive outcomes and as we say “the birth place of a new generation of leaders”.

We are delighted to have you here to participate and share in the 2nd Annual Conference and Stakeholders’ Forum on African Yam Bean and Other Underutilized Legumes, tagged “Ogun 2018”. Your coming regardless of the time and the distances you would have covered, imprint on us collectively the importance of this forum to every participants and contributors and thus the amount of work that await us all.

Ogun 2018, like the first conference as well as succeeding events evolved from the commitment to actively raise the quality of attention required to ensuring that “Abandoned” “Orphaned” underutilized biodiversity heritages endemic to our eco-geographical settings are not altogether lost alongside the cultural know-hows that have help shaped the cultivation and uses of these plants, particularly the legumes.

Increasingly, ‘Food security’ a global premise is brazenly touted in Africa and Nigeria alike with no real substance on the processes, procedures and protocols and more importantly, organised collective fronts of all players for a truly pragmatic and sustainable solutions relevant to our socio-economic and eco-geographical uniqueness.

This year’s theme: ‘Recognition and Restoration of the Place and Values of African Yam Bean among Sub-Sahara Leguminous Resources’ aptly captures the needful biases for attempts at localised answers and hopefully we will collectively avoid the mistakes of the past of being lost in a global crowd, losing not only our identity, but neglecting endemic biodiversity resources as well.

As the forum delves into its various aspects, our hope is that we will project these biases, harvest the multitude of perceptions regardless of the sources and share the aggregate of opinions that emerges from the discussions. These will help us evolve real-time and practical solutions that will ensure that scientific, government, and community attentions are drawn to these neglected plants and thus ensure we collectively harness the invaluable benefits they hold through sustainable processes.

Therefore, prepare yourself to be challenged, excited and inspired. Above all, be ready to contribute, humble enough to receive others’ perspectives and dare to take emerging outcomes with you and not leave it behind on your conference desk.

We at the Biotechnology Centre, Covenant University like to graciously thank the University management for the unbroken support we have always received. We also like to appreciate the efforts of our co-host; the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture – IITA, through her Genetic Resources Centre and the Society for Underutilized Legumes for the privilege to host.

Thank you and Welcome.

Prof. Conrad A. Omonhinmin, LOC Chair – Ogun 2018.

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